Planning a Trip to Europe

Europe Itinerary Builder

Build a personalized travel itinerary for Europe with the free itinerary builder. Quickly build maps and driving directions in Europe, and access your flight and hotel information on the go.

Driving Distances in Europe

Planning a trip in Europe? We’ve uncovered driving distances for popular driving routes throughout Europe.

Europe Travel Apps

Europe Travel Apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. Download any of these free mobile apps, which help you stay organized during your trip to Europe.

Europe Street Maps

Access street maps of Europe online or on your mobile phone. Automatically build street maps with European road information and driving directions.

European Flight Tracker

Track flight departures and arrivals across Europe with the free European flight tracker. Full support of almost all European airlines and airports. Mobile flight tracker and flight tracking apps.

Organize a Backpacking Trip across Europe

Organize your backpacking trip across Europe. Combine your Europe travel details in one master itinerary and see when other backpackers are close.

Europe Driving Directions

Find the best route between cities in Europe by automatically generating driving directions. Print out directions, equipped with road names and driving distances.

Europe Road Map Builder and Road Maps of Europe

Build custom road maps of Europe with the free online itinerary builder. Plan your route through Europe with turn by turn driving directions and road detail.

European Road Trip Planner

Plan a road trip across Europe with the free online road trip planner. Access local maps, route information, and driving directions on your mobile phone or print out your itinerary ahead of time.

Europe Route Planner

Plan your route through Europe or find the best route between European cities with the free online route planner.