Plan a World Trip

Ready for some adventure? Plan for a world trip by keeping all of your flight and hotel details together in one place with TripIt.

TripIt builds a master travel itinerary for free that is easy to access from anywhere, easy to print out ahead of time, and easy to share with other travelers.

Once you create your itinerary online, you can also automatically notify other travelers of where you will be and when.

Build a World Trip Itinerary

TripIt builds a travel itinerary based on your travel confirmation emails. To get started, forward any of your flight, hotel, car rental, or rail emails to, then TripIt organizes all of your travel details, and generates maps and driving directions based on your destinations.

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Access Travel Plans from around the World

Once you create your itinerary, its easy to access your travel plans from any internet cafe or from a mobile phone (if you have internet access on your phone). If you won’t have either form of internet access during your trip, you can also print out your itinerary ahead of time.

In many cases you can even use your itinerary printout as proof of your travel details when going through customs.

World Flight Tracker

From your personalized itinerary, you can also check your flight status, or check for flight rebates. Simply log into your account, and select your trip. From there, you can check your flight status or check for rebates with a single click, without having to dig up your flight information, buried deep in your email inbox.

By creating your free itinerary online, you can spend more time traveling, and less time searching for your travel details.

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