Paris Eating Tips

These Restaurant Reviews and Eating Tips for Paris are taken from a European Travel Itinerary built by Peter H.

Photo courtesy of Ralph and Jenny

Places to Eat in Paris. Restaurant Recommendations and Reviews from French Blogs and Travel Sites.

From Chris Chamberlain, Ketchum:
- Le Christine, our favorite spot, romantic, diverse menu, on border of St. Germaine and Left Bank, few blocks from Seine
- Le Relais De Lisle, quaint class French home-cooked meal with a piano bar, on the Ile St. Louis

From Aileen Zerrudo, Clorox:
- Les Bouqinistes, Guy Savoy fancy, reservations required, 53 quai des Grand Augustins, 6th
- Spring, 28 rue de la Tour d’Auvergne, 9th, very popular need reservations, one menu and seating at 8:30p, run by American chef Daniel Rose who turned down Iron Chef

From Bon Appetit, May 2008:
- Les Papilles, former grocery store with tasty lunches, 30 rue Gay-Lussac, 5th
- Les Cocottes, counter bistor with great salds and eggs, 131 rue Saint-Dominique, 7th

From, where to eat in the 5th “Latin Quarter” (but avoid the Rue de la Huchette as too touristy):
- La Fourmi Ailée (Light fare)
- Le Pré Verre (Parisian restaurant)
- Le Coupe Chou (Parisian restaurant)
- Les Bouchons de François Clerc (Bistro)
- Brasserie Balzar (Brasserie)
- Reminet (Parisian restaurant)
- Atelier Maître Albert (Modern restaurant)
- Le Petit Pontoise (Parisian restaurant)
- La Truffière (Specializes in southwestern France)
- La Tour d’Argent (Fine Dining)
- Les Papilles (Traditional French Bistro)

From, where to eat in the 6th (more upscale and quieter area):
- Allard (Parisian Restaurant)
- Le Comptoir du Relais Saint-Germain (Bistro)
- L’Epi Dupin (Parisian Restaurant)
- Le Petit Zinc (Brasserie/Restaurant)
- L’Espadon Bleu (Specializes in fish and seafood)
- La Rotonde (Brasserie)
- Les Bouquinistes (Modern restaurant)
- Ze Kitchen Galerie (Modern restaurant)
- La Rotisserie d’En Face (Specializes in grilled chicken)
- La Table de Fes (Moroccan)
- Alcazar (Brasserie)
- Relais Louis XIII (Fine dining)
- Jacques Cagna (Fine dining)
- Hélène Darroze (Fine dining)

From Floyd, Travelocity Paris:
- Chez Georges retaurant, fancy, 1 rue du Mail, 2e, 2nd