Organize a Backpacking Trip across Europe

Organize your backpacking trip across Europe with the free trip planner found here. Combine all of your travel and lodging details into one master itinerary, and see when you will be close to friends who are also traveling in Europe.

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Keep Your Transportation Details in one Spot

Whether you will be taking the train or bus, catching a flight, or renting a car, you can forward your travel confirmation emails to, and keep all of your transportation details in one spot – no matter where you booked your reservations.

You will then have a personalized master travel itinerary that will include your departure and arrival times, travel confirmation numbers, terminal and airport details, and booking contact details.

Meet up with Friends while Traveling

Once you forward your transportation confirmation emails, TripIt will keep track of where you are at all times. Once your friends also join TripIt, you will be able to see when your travel plans overlap. You can also opt into receiving closeness alerts whenever you are staying in one city for a while, and when one of your friends happens to be passing through.

Local Maps of Europe

Your custom backpacking itinerary will also create local maps of Europe automatically. TripIt adds Google maps for your destinations in Europe based on your reservation emails.

Backpacking Trips Made Easy

Learn more about organizing your entire backpacking trip online. Trips to Europe usually require many unrelated booking details, poorly organized in an over-crowded email inbox, but with the TripIt trip planner, you can keep all of your travel plans in one spot – and for free.

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