New York City Airport Information

There are three major international airports servicing the New York City area – JFK Airport located in Queens, LaGuardia Airport also located in Queens, and Newark airport located just outside New York City in northern New Jersey.

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LaGuardia (LGA) Airport

Laguardia Airport is located on Grand Central Parkway in Queens and north of Brooklyn. You can take an airport express bus to and from LaGuardia airport for about $10, but it takes a number of stops in Manhattan, and only travels every 20-30 minutes.

You can also take the public subway and bus system to LaGuardia Airport for $2. You’ll need to find a public subway station that accesses the M60 LaGuardia bus. These stations are in both Queens and Manhattan.

Full details of traveling to LGA Airport during both day and night are here.

JFK Airport

JFK Airport is also located in Queens, but can be easier to access than LGA. You can take the subway to AirTran (which is a short trip to your terminal) for a combined $8 and which runs all day and night.

Option 2 for getting to JFK Airport is to take a taxi, which when leaving from the airport, will be a $45 fixed cost plus a $4.50 Midtown Tunnel tole, plus gratuity.

Newark (EWR) Airport

Newark Airport is located 16 miles from New York City, but is also one of the most frequenty traveled airports servicing greater New York City.

You can get to and from Newark Airport using a combination of AirTran and NJ Transit, by taking an express bus, or by taking a Taxi. Taxi rides can cost $50-75, where as the combination of AirTran and NJ Transit will cost about $13. The express bus to Newark Airport also costs about $13, and has stations in Manhattan near Penn Station, the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and Grand Central.

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