Multi City Vacation Planner

Keep track of all your travel plans for a multi city vacation with the free vacation planner online – go now

Tripit is a free vacation planning service that combines all of your flight, hotel, car rental, and shuttle information into a single a itinerary that makes it easy to identify your travel details for each city.

How the Vacation Planner Works

TripIt creates a master vacation itinerary by reading all of your booking confirmation emails. For example, you may have a number of different flight booking confirmation emails from different airlines sitting in your email inbox. Simply forward all of these emails to , and they will all by added to your single itinerary, or be automatically separated into separate itineraries, depending on your travel dates.

Organize Travel Details for Multiple Cities

Once you forward all of your flight, train, or hotel confirmation details to TripIt, you can access your travel plans for each city, neatly bundled by travel dates inside your account

Mobile Multi City Vacation Planner

Once you add your vacation plans to TripIt, you can also access all of your important details on your mobile, just by logging into your account, or by downloading and accessing any of the free mobile apps for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.

Need to check your flight status on the way to the airport? You can do that on your mobile phone. Want to check your hotel dates or hotel address? You can do that on your mobile phone as well.

Get started with planning your multi city vacation by creating your account.