Mobile Flight Status and Alerts

TripIt offers two mobile flight tracking services for travelers. The first, mobile flight status, is part of the TripIt free service. The second, mobile flight alerts, is part of TripIt’s Pro service.

Mobile Flight Status:

From any internet-enabled mobile phone, you can quickly check the flight status of any flight in your travel itinerary. Rather than searching for your flight number and airline, simply log in to your TripIt account, and click on the large ‘check status’ button.

To create a personal itinerary, simply forward your flight confirmation emails to , or plug them in manually after creating your free TripIt account.

Mobile Flight Alerts:

After signing up for TripIt Pro, you will receive an SMS alerts whenever your flight is delayed or if there is a change in your boarding gate.

Sample Mobile Flight Alerts, Sent via an SMS Message

In the event that your scheduled flight is canceled or delayed for a long period of time, TripIt Pro also lets you quickly find alternative flights in your gate from your mobile phone.

Learn more about TripIt’s mobile features, such as mobile flight tracking, mobile travel itinerary monitoring, mobile maps, and mobile weather.

Mobile Flight Alerts with Any Phone

By signing up for mobile SMS alerts, you can stay updated on flight delays and flight cancellations without a connection to a data network and without a connection to a wifi network.

Mobile Flight Tracking Apps

If you have an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry phone, you can download the free apps available for each device. Learn more about the free mobile flight tracking apps.