Mexico Route Planner

Plan your route in Mexico, or find the best route through Mexico with the online route planner found here.

TripIt automatically generates driving directions based on your destination.

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Local Maps and Route Planning in Mexico

Wherever you go in Mexico, you can plan your route with local maps and driving directions. Once your route is final, you can print out your plans ahead of time, or access them from any computer or mobile phone with internet.

Plan Your Route into Mexico

This route planner works great for driving into Mexico as well. You can print out your route ahead of time for when you cross the boarder, though while you are still in the US, you can access your route on your mobile phone, without paying the huge data roaming charges that are required with mobile access in Mexico.

Driving Directions from Your Airport to Hotel

If you have flight and hotel reservations already, you can simply forward these confirmation emails to , and TripIt will automatically generate driving directions from the airport to your hotel.

If you’re taking a shuttle, you can still double check the route and see who will be dropped off first!

Plan Your Route between Mexican Cities

For road trips through Mexico, or if you are driving between cities in Mexico, you can plan these routes online as well, and find the best directions between major cities and tourist destinations.

Your route will always be explained in English with time and distance information for each road.