Make Itinerary

Make an itinerary online with the free itinerary builder from TripIt.

TripIt is a free service that builds itineraries from travel confirmation emails – flight, hotel, and rental car – plus makes it easy to access your travel plans either online or from your mobile phone.

How to Make an Itinerary

To get started create your account – and then either start adding your trip details manually, or start forwarding your confirmation emails to

All travel details that occur within the same set of dates will become a single itinerary for a single trip.

Itinerary Features

Your free itinerary can include all of the following information, all fit nicely together in a single template:

  • Flight Times and Details
  • Hotel Name and Address
  • Meeting Times and Notes
  • Car Rental Pickup and Drop Off Details
  • Travel Booking Accounts, Websites, and Contact Information
  • Driving Directions and Local Maps
  • Average Local Weather

And much more.

Try out the itinerary builder for free – go now