Itinerary Management

TripIt offers free itinerary management software for both solo travelers, business travelers, and group travel.

TripIt creates a travel itinerary by reading your travel confirmation emails, and in doing so, can manage travel detail for your flight, hotel, and car rental, all in a single itinerary that you can access online or with your mobile phone.

To get started, forward any of these emails to, or create your free account.

Flight Itinerary Management

itinerary management

Create an itinerary online that keeps track of all of your travel details

TripIt can read the important travel details contained in the confirmation emails from hudnreds of airlines and airline booking sites, and then insert this information directly into your flight itinerary.

Import travel details include your flight number, confirmation number, booking website, airport, contact numbers, and more.

See the above itinerary as an example.

Hotel Itinerary Management

If you have already booked your hotel, you can add your hotel details to your itinerary as well, by forwarding your hotel confirmation email to . You can then access your hotel name and address, local maps surrounding your hotel, driving directions to your hotel, and more, all from a single itinerary.

Car Rental Itinerary Management

TripIt also understands car rental emails, so you can add your car rental details to your itinerary, enabling you to quickly access your car rental pickup information, and keeping all of your travel plans together in one spot.

Access Itinerary on Mobile

Once you have built your itinerary – this will only take a minute or two – you can then access your itinerary on your mobile phone, by going to and signing into your account.

You can also download any of the free itinerary management apps for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.

Share Your Itinerary

Finally, once you have built your itinerary, you can easily share it with friends, family, and colleagues, by connecting with them on TripIt, or by syncing your TripIt account with either Linkedin or Facebook.