Itinerary Builder

Build a personalized travel itinerary with the free itinerary builder from TripIt.

TripIt can build an itinerary based on your travel confirmation emails. Simply forward all of your booking emails – flight, hotel, car rental, and others – to , and TripIt will create a single itinerary within minutes.

You can then access your itinerary online, on mobile, or you can share your itinerary with your friends.

Itinerary Builder with Maps

TripIt automatically generates travel maps and driving directions for wherever you are going. Based on your destination, TripIt generates local Google maps with street and road detail.

Based on your flight and hotel confirmation emails, TripIt will automatically generate driving directions between your airport and hotel.

You can also add custom maps and driving directions to your itinerary.

Itinerary Builder with Flight Info

Once your forward your flight confirmation email to , TripIt will automatically pull out your flight name and number, airport name, driving directions to the airport, airport terminal maps, and other important flight information.

You can then check for flight delays simply by following a link on your itinerary, which you can access from any internet connection.

For your itinerary, you can also check for any flight rebates.

Access Your Itinerary While Traveling

One of the best features of creating a personalized travel itinerary online is that you can then quickly access your flight, hotel, and other pertinent travel details from any internet connection or from any mobile phone that has internet while on the road.

Alternatively you print out your access ahead of time for quick references.

A final option is to download any of the free travel apps for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. Once you download these apps, and access your itinerary once, you no longer need an internet connection to access your itinerary.

So, by downloading these apps, you can quickly access your flight and airport information on your mobile phone, even without an internet connection.