Travel Tools

Import Travel Itinerary to Google Calendar

TripIt is a free travel itinerary service that automatically builds an itinerary and automatically syncs your travel dates to your Google Calendar.

Airline Check in Online

TripIt makes it easy to check in with your airline online. Build a free airline itinerary in seconds, and from your itinerary you can either checkin online or check your flight status.

Track Your Frequent Flier Accounts with TripIt

Start tracking all of your travel rewards points in one spot, including hotel rewards and frequent flyer points.

Easy Flight Status Check on Your Mobile Phone

Simply forward your flight confirmation emails to , then check your flight status from your mobile phone with one click.

The Easiest Way to Track Your Airline Mileage

Track your combined airline mileage, all in one spot. TripIt will automatically organize all of your flight information and will add up all of your travel mileage.

Travel Itinerary with Maps

Build a custom travel itinerary with maps. You can also plug in any custom destination or address and calculate the best route and travel distance.

A Better Way to Check Your Flight Status

After booking your flight, simply forward your flight confirmation emails to , then access your flight status in one-click from any computer or smart phone

Trip Itinerary with Weather

Access weather information for any trip by forwarding your hotel or flight confirmation emails to . Free weather information for any location.

Missed Your Flight? Get Alternate Flights Fast

Get alternate flight information for all airlines in your airport straight from your flight itinerary.

FAA Flight Delays by Airport

FAA flight delays by airport. Here is a list of airports experiencing delays longer than 15 minutes.