How to Make an Itinerary

Make an itinerary online in under 30 seconds with TripIt. All you need to do is forward any of your travel confirmation emails – flight, hotel, car rental, or others – to , and watch as TripIt automatically builds your itinerary, organizing travel dates, travel times, local maps, directions, and more.

To get started, create your free account online.

How TripIt Makes Your Itinerary

Step 1, TripIt reads the important details in your confirmation email – travel dates, travel times, airport name, flight number, hotel name, address, booking website name, among other information – and then places all of these details into an easy to read itinerary.

Step 2, TripIt remembers your email address, so that after you forward your emails, TripIt puts your itinerary into your account automatically. If you have multiple email addresses, you can merge your accounts, or add additional email addresses to your account.

Make an Itinerary with These Details

A fully-equipped travel itinerary should include contact information for each of your bookings. Don’t forget these details with your itinerary:

  • Airline Name and Contact Number
  • Booking Website and Contact Number
  • Airport Name and Address
  • Hotel Name and Address
  • Local Maps and Driving Directions
  • Travel Notes and Reviews from Friends
  • Travel Dates and Transportation Times
  • Local Weather

TripIt includes all of this information in your itinerary automatically. Learn more

How to Share Your Itinerary

Once you make your itinerary, you can also share it with your friends, family, or colleagues automatically by connecting with them on TripIt, or by connecting your TripIt account to either Facebook or Linkedin.

You can also make your itinerary public and share it via a link or via email.

TripIt is a free service that lets you make a travel itinerary online.