How to Create a Travel Itinerary for Your Boss

An organized travel itinerary is essential for a successful business trip. You can create a travel itinerary online here, simply by forwarding your bosses travel confirmation emails to

Don’t Forget This Information in Your Travel Itinerary

  • If your boss is flying, make sure to include the airport, airline, flight number, and airline contact information
  • If your boss is staying in a hotel, make sure to include the full hotel name and address. Many hotels can be confused with similarly-named hotels in the same area.
  • Add maps and directions between a hotel, airport, convention center, or other places where your boss has an appointment
  • Contact information for local taxi companies

Itinerary Best Practices

  • Organize each day by start time, and maintain consistency with when a meeting, appointment, or flight begins and ends
  • Clearly designate when you boss has free time and does not have any plans
  • Align and space each event evenly both horizontally and vertically
  • Confirm all of your bosses travel arrangements. Call the hotel and car rental company, and check for any known flight delays happening at his or her airport
  • Print out a paper copy of his or her itinerary
  • Share the travel itinerary with your bosses husband or wife
  • Send a digital copy of the itinerary over email or share it with your boss online

We suggest that you also create an itinerary online for free. You can automatically build a travel itinerary based on your bosses hotel or flight confirmation emails, and it keep all of his or her travel plans neatly organized for viewing online or on a mobile phone, or available as a printout.

By using this service, you can also automatically generate maps, directions, and local average weather – and best of all, its free. Learn more.