Germany Trip Planner

Plan a trip to Germany with the free trip planner from TripIt.

TripIt builds a personalized travel itinerary based on your travel confirmation emails. To get started, forward either your flight or hotel confirmation email to

Germany Road Maps and Driving Directions

TripIt will also generate local driving directions based on your arrival airport and your hotel address. If you forward both your airline and hotel confirmation emails to, TripIt will generate driving directions between your hotel and airport.

You can also add custom destinations in Germany, and let TripIt find the best route. Learn more about the Germany route planner.

Access Your Germany Trip Details from Anywhere

Once you add your trip details to TripIt (you do this by forwarding your emails), you can then access your important travel details from anywhere, just by logging into your TripIt account.

You can log into your account from an internet cafe, or your hotel’s internet connection. You can also access your itinerary with any mobile phone with internet access in Germany, or you can print out your itinerary before your trip, giving you printouts of driving directions, local maps, flight details, and more.

To get started with the Germany trip planner, create your free account.