Frequent Flyer Tracking

TripIt offers two travel tracking services for frequent flyers; a free service for itinerary building, travel mileage tracking, and mobile flight tracking, as well as a premium service for tracking travel rewards programs and for more detailed itinerary monitoring.

Free Frequent Flyer Tracking

The free frequent flyer tracking service from TripIt makes it easy to access your flight details from your mobile phone, check your flight status on your mobile phone, check for flight rebates, and share your flight details with colleagues, plus makes it easy to keep track of all your travel mileage and travel distances for the year or all time.

As part of this free service, TripIt automatically builds flight itineraries based on the information included in your travel confirmation emails.

To get started, forward any of these emails to , or create your free account online.

Premium Frequent Flyer Tracking

The second frequent flyer tracking service from TripIt is a premium flight tracking services that keeps track of all of your travel rewards programs, and lets you receive SMS alerts whenever your flight is delayed or canceled, or if your gate changes.

Learn more about this premium flight tracking service, which is free for the first month.

Mobile Frequent Flyer Tracking

You can also download the free TripIt apps for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, or access your flight itinerary by visiting the TripIt mobile site – . Once accessed, you can follow your flight status, or see who’s close to you while you are traveling.

Group Frequent Flyer Tracking

You can also follow your flights as part of a company group. TripIt lets you create or a join a group for your company, which keeps you updated with who in your company or department is close to you while traveling, or with who will visiting your home town.

Learn more about group travel tracking, which also integrates with Google Apps.