Free Travel Itinerary Software

Organize all your travel plans online with the free itinerary software from TripIt. TripIt automatically creates travel itineraries based on your hotel or flight confirmation emails. All you need to do is forward your travel confirmation emails to

This is a free software service that automatically generates maps, driving directions, and route detail for each of your destinations, plus you can sync your travel itinerary directly to your mobile phone or calendar.

Learn more about building your travel itinerary online or get started by creating your free account.

Sync Your Travel Itinerary to Your Calendar

Once you create your itinerary online, you can choose to sync your account to your online or mobile calendar. By doing this, you can integrate your travel details into your calendar software automatically. Learn more about free Calendar integration.

Free Travel Itinerary Software for Mobile

TripIt also offers free mobile apps for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. You can download any of the free apps by searching for ‘TripIt’ in each of the app stores. Once you download your app, your travel plans will automatically sync to your mobile phone. No additional software needed.

Sync Your Travel Itinerary to Social Networks

You can also sync your travel itinerary to your Facebook or Linkedin account. Once you create your account online, either download the free My Travel application from Linkedin, or authorize the Facebook sharing feature inside your TripIt account.

You can then broadcast your travel plans for specific trips to your social networks.

More Itinerary Software Highlights

  • Booking confirmation number retrieval for multiple airlines
  • Booking confirmation number retrieval for hotels
  • Airport name, airport address, and airport code details
  • One-click access to flight status information online or on mobile
  • One-click flight price check for rebates
  • Single itinerary template makes it easy to print out your itinerary before your trip
  • Itinerary sharing with close family members or business colleagues
  • Group travel planning abilities for watching instances of location overlap

This is a free software service that is available to anyone. Get started.