Free Sync Software

TripIt is a free software provider that lets you sync your travel plans across multiple applications and computers. Once you create your free account, you can stream your travel plans automatically to most calendars, mobile phones, and social networks.

Free Calendar Sync

Sync your travel plans with your desktop or online calendar automatically. Grab your personalized ical feed, then paste it into your calendar settings.

Learn how to sync your travel plans with specific calendar software providers.

Free Mobile Sync

Sync your travel plans to your mobile device automatically. Download any of the free apps for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, or access flight info, maps, addresses, and driving directions on our mobile site – Whenever your create an itinerary, simply sign into your account on your mobile device, and have all your travel information ready to go.

Social Networking Sync Software

TripIt also lets you automatically sync your travel plans and location to your networks on Linkedin and Facebook. All you need to do is add our Linkedin app, or connect your account to Facebook here.