Free iPhone Flight Tracker App

Want to track your flight on your iPhone? The free TripIt iPhone app automatically syncs your flight details to your iPhone.

You can then quickly access your flight status and important flight details on the go.

To get started, create your account, or download the free app from iTunes.

Free iPhone Flight Tracker Details

TripIt creates flight itineraries for your trip based on your flight confirmation emails. Once you book your flight, forward your confirmation email to TripIt then makes a flight itinerary, which you can access on your iPhone, simply by logging into your account.

Your iPhone flight itinerary includes your flight number, flight gate, airline, booking confirmation number, and many more flight details.

You can then check your flight status in one click, straight from the iPhone app.

Free iPhone Flight Tracker Features

Get all of the following features for free the TripIt iPhone App:

  • Airport Name and Address
  • Mobile Flight Checkin Capabilities
  • Flight Terminal and Gate Information
  • Terminal Maps for Select Airports
  • One-Click Flight Status Check
  • Local Airport Maps
  • Flight Confirmation Number and Booking Details

Premium iPhone Flight Tracker App

All of the features listed above are free, but in addition, you can upgrade to TripIt Pro, which offers a number of advanced flight tracking features for the frequent traveler.

With TripIt Pro, receive all of the following from the convenience of one iPhone app:

  • Alternate flight details for flights leaving from the same or nearby airports
  • Alternate flight seat availability information
  • SMS alerts for flight delays, flight cancellations, or flight gate changes
  • Email alerts for flight delays, flight cancellations, or flight gate changes
  • Travel rewards point tracking for most airline and hotel rewards clubs

Learn more about advanced flight tracker features.

Additional Flight Tracker Apps

In addition to the free TripIt iphone flight tracker app, your TripIt itineraries can sync to any of the following flight tracker apps that are available for iPhone:

FlightTrack Pro
TravelTracker Pro
Flight Update Pro
Flights Pro
Trip Deck
Travel Assistant Pro

For a full list of apps that sync your TripIt itineraries, check out our partners page.