Flight Itinerary Template

Organize your flight with the free online flight itinerary template found here. Simply forward your flight confirmation email to plans@tripit.com, and watch as all of your necessary flight information is neatly organized in one place.

Include this Information in Your Flight Itinerary Template

  • Flight Departure Time
  • Flight Arrival Time (Local Time Zone)
  • Airport, Airline Number, and Gate
  • Maps to the Airport
  • Flight Time
  • Passenger Name and Number
  • Booking Website and Contact Details

TripIt will automatically organize all of these flight details for you and put them in one easy to access template for quick reference. Learn more

Check Flight Status from Your Template

Once you create your flight itinerary online, you can also quickly check your flight status for delays or cancellations. You can even check for a flight refund.

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