Family Vacation Planner

Plan your family vacation online with TripIt for free. Organize all of your family vacation details in one place, and easily share your plans with other family members who aren’t traveling on your trip.

All Your Vacation Plans in One Spot

The free vacation planner works with all vacation types – flight, road trip, hotel, cruise. Simply forward any of these confirmation emails to , and watch as TripIt creates a master travel itinerary with all of your vacation plans in one spot.

You can then print out your itinerary or access it online or on your mobile phone.

Family Vacation Planner with Maps

Accessing maps and driving directions for your vacation is free too. If you already created your itinerary, TripIt automatically generates maps and directions based on your travel confirmation emails.

Otherwise, you can simply plug in your destination and watch as TripIt calculates the best route with turn by turn driving directions and distance detail.

Share Vacation Plans

Once you have your itinerary created, you can then easily share your vacation itinerary online, letting those who aren’t going on your trip know exactly when and you will be leaving and coming back, as well as where you will be staying.

You can also add vacation photos and notes to your itinerary and let people know how great your vacation has been going!

Coordinate Family Vacation Arrivals.

Not all family vacations are easy to plan. Often someone needs to manage flights and travel arrangements for all family members, including when they will be arriving and where.

To make this process easier, TripIt lets you connect with your family members inside the service, so each person going on the trip can forward their flight confirmation emails to , and instantly let everyone else know when they will be arriving as well as their flight information, in case their flights get delayed or canceled.

Enjoy Your Vacation

Once you have a master travel itinerary created (this only takes a minute or two), you then have the ability to sit back and relax, and enjoy your vacation, rather than spending too much time digging through your email inbox for travel details and itinerary items.

To get started, create your free account, or forward any of your travel emails to