European Road Trip Planner

Plan a road trip across Europe with the free online road trip planner. Start by creating your free account, then plug in your destinations or forward your flight and hotel confirmation emails to

TripIt will automatically create the best route between European cities with turn-by-turn driving directions and local maps.

Access Road Trip Plans in Europe on Your Mobile Phone

If you will have internet access on your mobile phone in Europe, you can access your full travel itinerary on the go, while also having access to local maps, route details, and driving directions.

If you have an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android phone, you can still access parts of your travel itinerary, including flight information and hotel details without an internet connection. You’ll just need to download and run the free app specific for each phone before your trip.

Learn more about accessing your road trip plans on mobile.

Print Road Trip Details

You can also print out your master road trip itinerary before leaving for your trip. Keep all of your travel plans on few sheets of paper with the European road trip planner.