Employee Vacation Tracking

Track vacation details online with the free travel planner from TripIt. Create a vacation itinerary online in a few simple steps, then connect with your friends and colleagues.

By doing this, you will automatically notify your professional and personal network of when and where you will be going, plus how many days you will be gone.

Get started by creating your free account online, or learn more vacation tracking services offered by TripIt.

Vacation Planner Online

By building a free itinerary, its easy to plan your vacation online. Simply forward any of your flight or hotel confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com , and watch as your travel dates, flight times, airline number, hotel address, and directions to the airport are all compiled automatically.

You can then access your itinerary from your phone, or print out your itinerary before you leave.

Your free TripIt itinerary also includes maps, driving directions, and route detail for each of your destinations. This information is generated based on your confirmation emails as well.

Tracking Vacation Time and Distance

Once you create your vacation itinerary, you can also keep all of your travel dates and distance organized, plus seamlessly share it with your professional or personal network.

If you need to add up all of your travel miles across multiple trips, TripIt does this automatically as well.

Calendar Vacation Tracking

You can also sync your online or mobile calendar to sync with your travel itineraries automatically. By doing this, you can notify everyone who has access to your calendar which days you will be on vacation.

For more information on Calendar integration – browse these details.

Tracking Employee Vacation Plans

If you are an employer, you can have each of your employees sign up for TripIt. Once you add each of them as a connection, and you can follow their travel dates automatically, and see exactly when they will be returning, or see if their flight or other form of transportation is delayed.