Driving Trips USA

Below are a list of popular driving trips around the US (driving trips USA, if you will).

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Popular Driving Trips, Cross Country USA

  • The former Route 66: Driving from Chicago to Los Angeles.
  • Driving from Acadia National Park to Seattle
  • US Route 50, San Francisco to the Chesapeake Bay
  • Route 10 Southern States USA
  • Route 80 cross country

Popular Driving Trips, East Coast USA

  • Driving from New York City to the Florida Keys. More info on driving from New York to Florida
  • The Appalachian Trail: Maine to Georgia
  • Jacksonville to Silver Spring, Florida
  • Atlanta to Augusta, Georgia

Popular Driving Trips, West Coast USA

  • Driving from Olympic National Park, Washington to San Diego, California
  • Driving down Highway 93 from the Canadian Rockies to the Rio Grande
  • Pacific Coast Highway Route 1, California
  • Oregon Coastal Highway
  • Oregon’s Historic Columbia River Highway