Driving in Australia

Renting a car in Australia can be a fun and easy way to see the Australian countryside.

Note that its often easier to catch a flight between major Australian cities, but for seeing the countryside and accessing coastal highways and beaches, renting a car can be your best option.

Custom Australian Driving Itinerary

You can plan your entire Australian driving itinerary online with the free online trip planner from TripIt. TripIt automatically generates best route information with local maps and driving directions for each of your destinations in Australia.

You can then either print out your itinerary ahead of time, or quickly reference it from any internet connection.

Driving in Australia: Tips

  • Most Australians live on the coast. Roads within and between the cities and major towns are generally reliable and in good condition.
  • Motorists may travel for hundreds of kilometres between towns or road houses, with limited opportunities to re-fuel, get water, refreshments, or use toilets.
  • Road conditions can be difficult in remote areas and the large and less populated areas in the middle of Australia.
  • Permits may also be required to travel through certain remote locations.
  • Australian cars have predominately automatic transmission, although manual (stick-shift) is still common in cheaper or smaller cars.

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Driving in Australia: Rules

  • Drive on the left side of the road. This also means moving to the left lane when you are going the slowest and to look both ways before taking a right turn, and only to the right when taking a left turn.
  • The speed limit is dictated in Kilometers, and about 10 Kilometers equal 6 miles. So, 100 Kilometers per Hour equals about 60 Miles per Hour.
  • Depending on the State that you are visiting, the speed limit in residential areas is between 50 and 60 KPH
  • Drunk driving is for any blood alcohol level above .05 .
  • You need to wear your seat belt at all times.

Driving in Australia: Driving Distances

It can take anywhere from a full day to a couple of days to travel between major cities in Australia. Below is the driving distance between some of the most popular driving routes in Australia:

Driving Distance Melbourne to Sydney: 881 Kilometers
Driving Distance Melbourne to Adelaide: 737 Kilometers
Driving Distance Adelaide to Perth: 2696 Kilometers
Driving Distance Sydney to Brisbane: 926 Kilometers
Driving Distance Brisbane to Port Douglas: 1747 Kilometers
Driving Distance Sydney to Port Douglas: 2472 Kilometers
Driving Distance Brisbane to Cairns: 1682 Kilometers