Driving from Sydney to Melbourne, Australia

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Driving from Sydney to Melbourne: Route Details

Driving from Sydney to Melbourne can take well more than 10 hours, and covers almost 550 Miles. Most of the drive is on the Hume Highway, which is a major inter-city highway in Australia.

Driving from Sydney to Melbourne: Directions

Road name changes to Southern Cross Dr (Eastern Distributor) 3.1 miles
Merge onto General Holmes Dr [1 ] 1.1 miles
Bear LEFT (West) onto S Western Motorway 12.3 miles
Stay on S Western Motorway [5] (West) 4.7 miles
Road name changes to S Western Freeway [5] 26.0 miles
Road name changes to Hume Hwy [31] 253.4 miles
Road name changes to Albury St [Hume Hwy] 1.1 miles
Road name changes to Hume Hwy [31] 32.6 miles
Keep RIGHT onto Hume Freeway [M31] 192.8 miles
Entering Victoria 0.0 miles
Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto Northern Ring Rd [M80] 1.4 miles
Road name changes to Western Ring Rd [M80] 4.0 miles
Take Ramp (LEFT) onto Tullamarine Freeway [M2] 4.1 miles
Road name changes to Citylink [M2] 3.7 miles
Keep LEFT onto Ramp 0.5 miles
Keep LEFT to stay on Ramp 0.1 miles
Bear LEFT (South-East) onto Flemington Rd 1.2 miles
Turn LEFT (North) onto Elizabeth St 1.0 miles
Arrive Melbourne, Australia 0.0 miles

Hume Highway Geography

The coast of New South Wales from the Queensland border to the Victorian border is separated from the inland by an escarpment, forming the eastern edge of the Great Dividing Range. There are few easy routes up this escarpment. To climb from the coast to the tablelands the Hume Highway uses the Bargo Ramp, a geological feature which provides one of the few easy crossings of the escarpment.

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Australia Driving Tips

  • Most Australians live on the coast. Roads within and between the cities and major towns are generally reliable and in good condition.
  • Motorists may travel for hundreds of kilometres between towns or road houses, with limited opportunities to re-fuel, get water, refreshments, or use toilets.
  • Road conditions can be difficult in remote areas and the large and less populated areas in the middle of Australia.
  • Permits may also be required to travel through certain remote locations.
  • Australian cars have predominately automatic transmission, although manual (stick-shift) is still common in cheaper or smaller cars.

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Driving in Australia: Driving Distances

It can take anywhere from a full day to a couple of days to travel between major cities in Australia. Below is the driving distance between some of the most popular driving routes in Australia:

Driving Distance Melbourne to Sydney: 881 Kilometers
Driving Distance Melbourne to Adelaide: 737 Kilometers
Driving Distance Adelaide to Perth: 2696 Kilometers
Driving Distance Sydney to Brisbane: 926 Kilometers
Driving Distance Brisbane to Port Douglas: 1747 Kilometers
Driving Distance Sydney to Port Douglas: 2472 Kilometers
Driving Distance Brisbane to Cairns: 1682 Kilometers