Driving from San Francisco to Portland

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Driving Routes from San Francisco to Portland

I-5 North: Driving time is about 10 hours.
US 101-North and I-5 North: Driving time is about 13 hours.

Driving Directions from San Francisco to Portland

# Depart US-101 / Van Ness Ave0.1 miles
# 2Turn right onto McAllister St0.3 miles
# 3Turn right onto Hyde St0.1 miles
# 4Road name changes to 8th St0.6 miles
# 5Turn left onto Bryant St0.0 milesMERCEDES-BENZ on the corner
# 6Take ramp left for I-80 East / James Lick Skyway toward Oakland11.6 miles
# 7Keep left to stay on I-80 East / Eastshore Fwy43.1 miles

* Stop for toll booth

# 8At exit 56, take ramp right for I-505 North toward Redding / Winters34.3 miles
# 9Keep straight onto I-5 North537.5 miles

* Entering Oregon

# 10Bear right onto I-5 TRUCK North0.4 miles
# 11Keep straight onto I-5 North5.6 miles
# 12At exit 299B, take ramp left for SW Harbor Dr toward Naito Pkwy. / Japanese-American Hist. Plaza1.0 miles
# 13Turn left onto SW Naito Pkwy0.0 miles
# 14Arrive at Portland, OR0.0 miles