Driving from London to Stonehenge

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Driving from London to Stonehenge: Route Details

Travel distance between London and Edinburgh is 86 miles, and can take under 2 hours of driving time. Popular routes are M3, M4, and A303.

Stonehenge is located north of Salisbury.

Full Driving Directions from London to Stonehenge

After the Congestion Charge Zone.

Keep straight onto M4 9.1 miles
At exit 4B, take ramp left for M25 toward Heathrow Airport (Terminal 5) / Gatwick Airport 7.2 miles
At exit 12, take ramp left for M3 toward Southampton / The South West 31.8 miles
At exit 8, take ramp left for A303 toward Salisbury / Andover / The Southwest 28.6 miles
At roundabout, take 2nd exit 1.7 miles
Keep right onto A344 / Stonehenge Bottom 0.4 miles
Arrive at Stonehenge, United Kingdom on the left

Driving Distances from London

Driving from London to Edinburgh – 400 Miles
Driving from London to Glasgow – 402 Miles
Driving from London to Manchester – 199 Miles
Driving from London to Liverpool – 210 Miles
Driving from London to Birmingham – 118 Miles
Driving from London to Portsmouth – 75 Miles

About Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in the English county of Wiltshire, about 3.2 kilometres (2.0 mi) west of Amesbury and 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) north of Salisbury. One of the most famous sites in the world, Stonehenge is composed of earthworks surrounding a circular setting of large standing stones. It is at the centre of the most dense complex of Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments in England, including several hundred burial mounds.

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