Driving from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon

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Driving from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon: Route Details

Take US-95/US-93 South to the Arizona Boarder
Take I-40 East in Arizona – Route 40 Arizona Details
Take SR-64 North

Travel time between Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon is about 4 and a half hours, and travel distance between Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon is about 280 Miles.

Full Driving Directions from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon

Take ramp right for I-515 South / US-93 South / US-95 South / Las Vegas Expy 103.7 miles

* Entering Arizona

Take ramp left for I-40 East / US-93 South / Purple Heart Trail116.1 miles
At exit 165, take ramp right for SR-64 North toward Grand Canyon0.4 miles
Turn left onto I-40 Bus / SR-6454.8 miles

* Stop for toll booth

Turn left onto Center Rd 0.4 miles
Turn right onto Market Plaza Rd 1.2 miles
Turn right to stay on Market Plaza Rd 0.0 miles
Turn left onto Village Loop Rd, and then immediately turn left onto S Entrance Rd / Grand Canyon Village Loop 0.1 miles
Arrive at Grand Canyon National Park, AZ