Driving Directions and Maps

Create driving directions and maps for your next trip with the free trip planner from TripIt.

TripIt automatically generates driving directions and maps based on your flight and hotel confirmation emails. You can also manually generate driving directions and maps by creating a trip and plugging in your destination or destinations.

Driving Directions with Google Maps

TripIt uses Google maps to find the best route between destinations. In doing this, you can find the best route with turn by turn driving directions, travel distance, travel mileage, and expected travel time.

Driving Directions and Maps on Mobile

TripIt also lets you access driving directions and local maps on your mobile phone. You can either access your travel itinerary on the TripIt mobile site – m.tripit.com – or you can download any of the free apps for iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. Either way, you will get one-click access to local maps, driving directions and route detail for wherever you are going.

Free Driving Directions

TripIt is a free service for travelers. Creating an itinerary with maps, route detail, and driving directions is free.

As a premium alternative, you can sign up for TripIt Pro which offers advanced flight tracking and itinerary monitoring services.

Share Driving Directions and Maps

If you are a traveler on a trip, you can create a trip itinerary with driving directions and maps, and then share your itinerary with other travelers, giving them access to the driving directions and maps that you just created.

You can also share your trip with any number of people outside of TripIt by emailing them your itinerary or by sharing your itinerary on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.