Destination Wedding Itinerary Template

Use our free itinerary template to plan a trip for a destination wedding.

To get started, create your free account, then start building your wedding itinerary online, which will combine all of your travel plans, including flight details, hotel information, and more.

Destination Wedding Itinerary Builder

Build your itinerary by either plugging in your destinations or by forwarding your flight, hotel, car rental, and shuttle information to

You can then easily access all your travel plans in a single itinerary either online or on your mobile phone.

You can also share your itinerary with friends so that they will know your flight information or know when to pick you up or drop you off.

Itinerary Template for Shared Trips

If you’re traveling with friends to a destination wedding, one person can purchase airline tickets and then create a single itinerary with all of the group’s travel information, including passenger names, passenger records, and booking confirmation numbers.

Once the itinerary is created, just share it with each of the travelers.

Destination Wedding Maps and Directions

Whenever you forward your flight and hotel confirmation emails to TripIt, TripIt will automatically generate driving directions between your hotel and airport, plus you can quickly add local maps for your destination.

Learn more about planning a trip for a destination wedding with the free itinerary template builder.