Cross Country Travel Planner

Plan cross country trip with the free travel planner from TripIt.

TripIt organizes all your travel details – hotel reservations, driving directions, destinations, and more – inside a single travel itinerary which you can access online, access on your mobile phone, or share with friends and family before or after your trip.

Cross Country Route Planner

As part of your online itinerary, simply plug in your destinations and TripIt will find the best route between your stops and destinations by using Google Maps.

Get turn by turn driving directions, with expected travel time and travel distance for your entire trip as well as travel time on each road.

Cross Country Travel Distance Tracker

TripIt also keeps track of all of your travel distance over time. Automatically calculate your travel distance and see how many miles you have traveled with each trip for the entire year.

You can even compare your travel distance with friends and see who has been the most traveled!

Travel Planner for Hotels and Motels

One more feature which makes cross country travel planning much easier is the ability to organize all your hotel names, hotel address, hotel confirmation numbers and more inside your itinerary. All you hotel details are kept together in one spot.

Print out Cross Country Travel Plans or Access on Mobile

Once you have your itinerary created (this only takes a minute or two), you can then print out your itinerary, or you can access your itinerary from any mobile phone with internet access.

You can choose to printout just your directions, or you can print out all maps, itinerary highlights, hotel details, and more.

The same information is available on your mobile phone, simply by logging into your account on the road.