Create a Vacation Itinerary

Create a vacation itinerary online. Simply forward your travel confirmation emails to, and watch as TripIt creates a master vacation itinerary with flight and hotel details, maps, directions, and local weather.

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All Your Vacation Details in One Spot

No matter where you book your vacation plans, you can forward confirmation emails to, to create your master itinerary. The itinerary planner can make an itinerary out of flight, hotel, car rental, or cruise booking details. You can also forward your plans from a booking company like Expedia or Hotwire.

Share Your Vacation Itinerary

Once you create your itinerary online, its much easier to share trip details with people who are traveling with you, or to share vacation details with your friends who are staying at home. You can create a public itinerary and share a link, or you can choose to automatically sync your travel plans to Linkedin or Facebook, notifying your friends about your vacation plans automatically.

Sample Vacation Itinerary

Creating a vacation itinerary like this one is free. If you don’t have any confirmation emails, you can also plug in your destination manually.

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