Car Trip Planner – Plan a Car Trip Online

Plan a car trip online with the free trip planner from TripIt. With TripIt, plug in your destinations and automatically generate local maps, driving directions, local route information, and more.

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Car Trip Planner Feature: Trip Map Generator

TripIt can generate maps and driving directions based on your destinations using Google maps. Just plug in where your going and TripIt will find the best route.

You can then also access maps and driving directions on your mobile phone by logging into your account there, or your can print out directions and maps before your trip.

Car Trip Planner Feature: Easily Share Trips

Once you have your trip planned and your route selected, you can easily share your car trip details by connecting with your friends and family on TripIt, or you can connect your TripIt account to Facebook and share your itinerary that way.

You can always send a link to your itinerary over email as well.

Car Trip Planner Feature: Keep Track of Travel Distance

As you are planning your trip, you can quickly add up all of your distance traveled and compare your travel stats with your friends.

Over the course of a year, you can see who has traveled the most and who has gone on the most trips.

If you need to add up trip distance for tax purposes, you can easily grab your distance from your TripIt account.

Car Trip Planner Feature: Organize Multiple Trips

Finally, TripIt makes it easy to organize multiple trips, by separating all of your trip details and driving directions in separate fields, so you can quickly access your trip information for the appropriate trip, plus share trip details from past trips when necessary.

TripIt is a free service.