California Road Trip Planner

Whether you’ll be driving down the California coast, inland to Yosemite, or going on a quick day trip from San Francisco, LA, or San Diego, plan your trip online with the free trip planner found here.

It’s easy to plan your trip in California by simply forwarding your flight, hotel, or car rental confirmation emails to

If you haven’t made any travel plans yet, you can still plug in your destination, and generate local maps and driving directions automatically.

California National Parks

The National Parks Service maintains 23 separate units in California. If you’re looking for scenic destinations in California, check out some of the most popular national parks in California.

Popular California Road Trip Stops

Enjoy any of these destinations within a couple hours drive of major cities in California

  • San Diego Zoo
  • Big Sur State Park
  • Monterrey Aquarium
  • Hearst Castle
  • Santa Barbera
  • Venice Beach
  • Central Coast Wine Country
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Reno, Nevada (Just over the Boarder)
  • Napa Wine Country
  • Sonoma Wine Country
  • Mendocino Wine Country

Maps and Directions in California

Once you know where you will be going, bundle all of your maps and driving directions in one spot. TripIt will automatically create an itinerary with local maps and directions for any location in California. You can then access maps and directions on your phone, print out maps and directions before your trip, or share your route with friends and family.