Business Trip Planner

Plan business trips online with the online trip planner and itinerary builder found here.

Create a master business trip itinerary that will organize all of your travel plans in one spot, including your flight number, your hotel’s address, and car rental details.

TripIt will also keep track of your travel mileage, and notify you whenever your plans overlap with a colleague’s, making it easier to plan and organize meetings or to meet up at business events.

Best of all, TripIt’s basic business trip planner service is free. Get started by creating your free account.

Premium Business Trip Planning Services

For more advanced flight tracking and itinerary monitoring, TripIt offers a premium trip planner service that provides:

  • SMS travel alerts for flight delays and gate changes
  • Travel rewards tracking across multiple accounts
  • Alternate flight information, specific to your airport or gate
  • ‘Inner Circle’ sharing functionality with colleagues or family members

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Business Trip Planner on Mobile

You can also access your business trip information, right on your mobile phone. Either download the free TripIt apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry – or access your travel plans on .