TripIt for Blackberry – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the TripIt app on my BlackBerry?

To install the app, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to on your BlackBerry.
  2. There will be a single link to download. The software will usually detect which BlackBerry model you are using, though it might ask you to select a version: high-resolution, low-resolution, or touch.
  3. Click the button on the next screen to install the app (installation cold take up to 30 seconds for slower connections). You may be asked to reboot your phone after the app installs.
  4. If you see a permissions screen, we recommend that you accept the default permissions.
  5. To launch the app, click the orange TripIt icon. You will find the icon in your Downloads folder (newer phones) or on your home screen (older phones).
  6. Sign in and authorize the app, then exit the browser and start the application again to download all of your information.

How should I report bugs?

To report a bug with the BlackBerry app, please send an email to

Remember, this is a beta version of the application, which means that we do expect bugs and some instability in this version. By helping us test, you are letting us see how the application works for you, in your part of the world. On behalf of the TripIt staff, and all the future users of the BlackBerry application — thanks!

Will this version work on my older BlackBerry?

In most cases, it should. We have versions that work on the majority of all BlackBerries used today.

However, phones with RIM operating systems (versions older than 4.3) and older models like the 71xx and 72xx series may not work.

If you have an older version, it is possible that you will be able to upgrade your phone’s operating system. Your carrier’s technical support should be able to help you with this.

Will your application work with my company-issued BlackBerry (BES)?

In most cases, it should. However, some companies have restricted what can be done with their company-issued phones, such as installing applications or lower-level permissions. If you cannot install the app, or if its behavior is limited in some way, those restrictions are likely defined by your company. We won’t be able to change those permissions on your behalf.

We will be happy to answer any questions from your company’s technical support personnel concerning our application. Just have them write to us at

Does this version support TripIt Pro users?

Yes! We show real-time information on flights as we get it, we warn you about connections at risk, and we offer an easy way to check for alternatives to your current flight.

The current version does not offer any view of point-tracker information for your frequent traveler programs. You can go to to see this information.

The TripIt application wants to alter its permissions. Why should I allow this?

Some versions of the BlackBerry require that the user authorize permissions for a new application. When that happens, you’re sent to the permissions screen.

For the app to work properly, we recommend that you accept the default permissions. Some company-issued BlackBerries may not permit you to change these permission settings.

The TripIt application can write new entries in your calendar, if you permit it to do so. The application does not otherwise use or view User Data.

Why is there such a complicated login process?

It is a little complicated — sorry about that! The good part is that you only have to authorize the application once for each device you use.

We’re using a security protocol called OAuth, which is a popular technical standard. We chose it because it does a good job of protecting your data at all times. No one except you and the people you authorize can see your travel data.

I tried to log in, but the web site said “Access cannot be granted at this time.”

There’s a time limit for each request, so if you were interrupted while logging in, the invitation probably expired.

Here’s a tip: First, go to and sign in there, clicking the “Keep me signed in button”. Once you are signed in, you can then start the TripIt application and rapidly grant the necessary authorization.

How do I sync to my BlackBerry calendar?

  1. Click the menu button
  2. Set the “Sync Calendar” option to “Yes.”

How can I uninstall the app?

  1. The TripIt for BlackBerry app can be uninstalled with these steps:
  2. Navigate to the “Options” application. This may be on the home page, or in a folder called “Settings.”
  3. Open the Options application (it usually looks like a crescent wrench).
  4. Click on “Advanced Options.”
  5. Click on “Applications.”
  6. Navigate down to the TripIt application (it might be titled “TripIthigh,” “TripItlow,” or “TripIttouch”).
  7. Click the menu button.
  8. Choose “Delete Application.”