Beach Road Trip Planner

Plan beach road trips online with the free beach road trip planner from TripIt.

With TripIt, just plug in your destinations, and generate the best route details and driving directions based on where you are going.

Road Trip Driving Directions

Get turn by turn driving directions with route information between your start and end point. If you are staying in a hotel or motel, you can also automatically generate route information and driving directions based on your hotel or motel address.

You can then also access driving directions on your mobile by logging into your account on your phone via the mobile site –

Share Beach Road Trip Details

Once you set up your trip, you can easily share your road trip details. Either connect with your friends on TripIt to automatically share travel dates, or you can send a single link around that has all of your important trip information.

You can also sync up your account to Facebook to automatically tell your friends that you are about to leave on a trip or about to come home from a trip.

If you think you might know some people who live where you are going, you can also automatically check for instances of when you will be in the same city.

Popular Beach Road Trip Destinations

Ready to go already? Here are some of the most popular beach road trips in the US.

  • Virginia Beach Road Trip
  • Seacliff Beach Road Trip
  • Myrtle Beach Road Trip
  • Rehoboth Beach Road Trip
  • Ocean City Beach Road Trip
  • Baj California Road Trip (just south of the boarder)
  • Caledesi Island State Park Road Trip
  • Coronado Beach Road Trip

Planning Multiple Road Trips

If you are going on multiple trips this summer (heck, why not?), TripIt makes it easy to organize each of your road trip plans as separate trips, and then you can keep track of where you are going and when, plus keep track of your total road trip distance over time.

If you think you will be traveling more than your friends, you can also compare total travel stats.

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