Arizona Itinerary

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Popular Arizona Itinerary Activities

- Hiking
- Golf
- Off-Roading
- Hummer Tours
- Mini-Golf
- Gambling
- Mountain Biking
- Bar Hopping
- Mine Tours

and much more!

Popular Arizona Itinerary Destinations

- Grand Canyon National Park
- Scottsdale
- Lake Meed
- Petrified Forrest
- Tuscon
- Glendale
- Phoenix
- Sedona
- Flagstaff
- Meteor Crater
- Montezuma’s Castle
- Tubac

Popular Arizona Museums

- Pueblo Grand Museum
- Phoenix Art Museum
- Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
- Heard Museum
- Arizona Science Center
- Tucson Children’s Museum
- Desert Caballeros Western Museum
- Arizona Museum for Youth
- Pima Air and Space Museum

Arizona Flight Itinerary Planning

TripIt supports travel emails from more than 1,000 booking sites, including most airlines flying in and out of Arizona Airports.

Major Airports in Arizona include:

- Phoenix (PHX)
- Scottsdale (SDL)
- Tuscon (TUS)
- Flagstaff (FLG)
- Yuma (NYL)
- Bullhead City (IFP)