Airline Check in Online

TripIt makes it easy to check in with your airline ahead of time. Just forward your airline booking confirmation email to , and TripIt will automatically build an airline itinerary, which you can access and then check in from anywhere.

TripIt is a free airline itinerary service, that builds personalized travel itineraries based on your travel confirmation emails.

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Online Check-in Advantages

Why you might want to check in with your airline ahead of time:

  • Some airlines offer bonus frequent flyer miles
  • Ability to change your seat. If you haven’t already picked your seat, you can do so when you check in online, or sometimes a better seat becomes available after you initially booked your flight

Checking in via Your Online Itinerary is Easy

If you don’t have all of your airline plans organized neatly with an online itinerary, the only way to check in for your flight is to do so manually, which often requires that you dig up each of the following pieces of information, often buried deep in your email inbox:

  • Your airline electronic ticket
  • Your airline website login details, usally just a username and password
  • Your airline frequent flyer number

Alternatively, you can just access your itinerary online and click the big ‘online check in’ button inside your itinerary. Get started.

Check Flight Status Online

TripIt also lets you check your flight status online, notifying you if your flight is delayed, or if you will need to check in online later. From your flight itinerary, you can check either your flight status or check in online.

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