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10 Types of Travelers You Meet on the Road

By On February 5, 2015

Travel is supposed to break down barriers and smash preconceptions. While it does open up our minds to new places, people, and perspectives, it also has a funny way of sometimes reinforcing… Read More

Travel Tips

Best Apps for Inflight Entertainment

By On February 3, 2015

If you’re a frequent traveler, “app” is likely your middle name, saving grace and so much more. Apps like Kayak and Expedia make booking a breeze, while Concur is a tool for many… Read More

Travel Tips

Finding Balance With ThePlanetD

By On February 2, 2015

Finding balance is a never-ending challenge in life. It seems that no matter how hard we try, we always have more things pile up on our plate. Last year, my husband Dave and… Read More

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How to Travel Like a Baller on a Budget

By On January 27, 2015

We’re always looking to travel on a budget without compromising comfort and luxury. There are countless ways to take a budget-friendly vacation, but when you factor luxury into the equation, it can become… Read More

Sports Travel
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Sports Travel Tips & Tricks

By On January 26, 2015

Whether it be the Super Bowl, World Series, a NASCAR race, the Kentucky Derby, the World Cup, the Masters Golf Tournament, the Final Four, or a college football rivalry game, there are… Read More

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Tips for San Francisco International Airport

By On January 23, 2015

So, your travels have brought you to SFO! Although we always hope that our travels will be quick and painless, sometimes we find ourselves stuck in the airport a little longer than… Read More

Things to do in Phoenix
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Things to do in Phoenix With the Family

By On January 20, 2015

Our family has been living here in Phoenix for over 10 years, now. It took me a long time to start calling Phoenix “home.” But while starting our family and establishing our… Read More

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5 Must-See National Parks in California

By On January 19, 2015

The National Parks Service maintains 23 separate units in the state of California, though the following five national parks in California are some of the most spectacular. For road trips to any… Read More

Travel Tips

Five Travel Food Trends Worth Watching

By On January 15, 2015

Traveling as much as I do, it’s fun to see how small changes to menus in certain restaurants gradually avalanche into big food trends that sweep across the globe.  This year, we’ve… Read More