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Travel Tips

Five Travel Food Trends Worth Watching

Traveling as much as I do, it’s fun to see how small changes to menus in certain restaurants gradually avalanche into big food trends that sweep across the globe.  This year, we’ve seen pie replace cupcakes as the new “it” dessert, Sriracha and bacon sprinkled on everything, and kale emerge as the most popular green.  Continue Reading »

Give Back While Traveling – Here’s How

It’s the time of year when many of us reconnect with friends and family and look for ways to help out our fellow man. The travel community is no different, and there are lots of ways that charity, volunteering, and philanthropy are involved in where we travel and how we get there. That was the  Continue Reading »

Top Destinations for Millennial Travelers

According to the World Youth Student and Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation, millennial travelers now make up 20% of international travelers around the world. Breaking the mold of a traditional tourist, millennials are traveling younger, longer, and with more expectations than ever before.   Whether they’re students on their first trip abroad, backpackers on an around-the-world  Continue Reading »

Lay of the Land: Tips for McCarran International Airport

So, your travels have brought you to McCarran International Airport! Although you always hope travel will be quick and painless, sometimes you’ll find yourself in the airport longer than planned, having to navigate the lay of the land with little luck.   We did some research and tapped our pool of travel experts to find  Continue Reading »

Travel Resolutions for 2015

To me, ‘travel resolution’ seems a bit redundant. Both words are declarations of purpose. Commitments to transform. Desires to strengthen. Redundancies are most often a waste of time and space, but in this case, I think marrying these two words makes the sentiment twice as strong. Whether you’ve made the act of traveling a career  Continue Reading »

5 Veteran Tips for Attending CES 2015

I’ve attended conferences in Vegas more times than I can count, and have picked up some tips and tricks along the way. Whether you’re attending CES 2015 or another major industry function in Sin City, read on so you – or your devices – don’t run out of juice.     Wear comfortable shoes and  Continue Reading »

Stranded in Las Vegas

I love Las Vegas—doesn’t everyone? Well, whether you love it or hate it, many travelers find themselves in Sin City for work or pleasure, or even just to make a connecting flight. If for some reason you find yourself stranded in Las Vegas and have time to kill, it’s time to make a game plan.  Continue Reading »

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