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Vote for Your Favorite Trip Illustration

We want to start the new year with a fresh new itinerary image to replace the current brown suitcase, and we need your help. Vote for your favorite illustration below. The one with the most votes by January 1 wins! Online Surveys –

TripIt Pro Scores Airfare Refunds for 1 in 10 Flights

This September we added a new feature to TripIt Pro so it can automatically track flights to see if they’re eligible for a refund. It’s been great to hear from many of you who have received money back on your flights, and we have some interesting data on how this feature is doing. What we’ve  Continue Reading »

Itinerator Dedupinator

About a month ago the Itinerator went on a gingko biloba binge and figured out how to identify and deal with identical or similar-looking flight reservations. This was a huge win, especially for the tens of thousands of smart travelers who’ve set up auto import for Gmail and Google Apps since it launched in beta  Continue Reading »

TripIt Mobile Update Trifecta: More Sharing

One of the most gratifying pieces of feedback I’ve seen about TripIt came from a guy whose constant trips and severe inbox overload had gotten him into hot water with his wife: he couldn’t keep up with sending her all of his latest travel details and she never knew when or if he’d be home  Continue Reading »

TripIt Pro Now Tackles Flight Refunds

Alright, it’s time to kick out the jams. We’ve just added some powerful new benefits to TripIt Pro and the world needs to know. (In the interest of full disclosure, I’m feeling a little feisty after repeated views of the video embedded below, especially the 4 second segment from 1:25-1:29.) The big news is that  Continue Reading »

Flight Duplicates: Conflict Resolved

Transforming travel emails into organized itineraries is an important way that TripIt makes travel easier. When people tell us about Itinerator improvements they want most, detecting duplicate flights (aka handling changes to existing air reservations) has been near the top of the list for a while. As such, we’re happy to report that the Itinerator  Continue Reading »

Road Warrior Newbie Gathers Great Travel Advice

Recently, we came across this thread on Ask MetaFilter, full of excellent business travel advice for a soon-to-be road warrior. Among the many unique and helpful tips, we were happy to see a couple of seasoned travelers recommend using TripIt to make life on the road much easier. The whole thread is packed with handy  Continue Reading »

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