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Does Santa Know Where to Find you This Year? TripIt’s Top 10 Holiday Destinations

Despite the lingering tough economy and an increase in gas prices, the same number of TripIt members are traveling this holiday season as compared to 2009. I myself am heading home to Scotland with my kids, and there is much discussion as to whether Santa will know where to find us! I’ll have to be  Continue Reading »

TripIt for Business Gives Busy Admins a Much-Needed Helping Hand

If you plan travel for your office, you know the drill….hours spent searching through a crowded inbox to find travel emails for different people, followed by cutting and pasting, answering questions, and staying on top of everyone’s travel schedules. It’s not an easy job! Over the years, we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from  Continue Reading »

AMEX and TripIt Make Holiday Travel Less Hectic with New Travel App

We’re excited to share the latest and greatest news that American Express has partnered with TripIt on a NEW American Express® Travel App for iPhone and Blackberry. American Express Cardmembers* can now manage all their upcoming itineraries in one place thanks to the integration of TripIt with a suite of mobile travel tools. The app allows  Continue Reading »

Give the gift of peaceful travel for the holidays – TripIt Pro

As another hectic holiday season approaches, we’ve been busy working on a request that many of you have made…the ability to “gift” TripIt Pro to friends, family, and colleagues. We’re happy to announce that you can now purchase a one-year gift subscription to TripIt Pro for the frequent travelers in your life. For just $49  Continue Reading »

Vote for Your Favorite Trip Illustration

We want to start the new year with a fresh new itinerary image to replace the current brown suitcase, and we need your help. Vote for your favorite illustration below. The one with the most votes by January 1 wins! Online Surveys –

TripIt Pro Scores Airfare Refunds for 1 in 10 Flights

This September we added a new feature to TripIt Pro so it can automatically track flights to see if they’re eligible for a refund. It’s been great to hear from many of you who have received money back on your flights, and we have some interesting data on how this feature is doing. What we’ve  Continue Reading »

Itinerator Dedupinator

About a month ago the Itinerator went on a gingko biloba binge and figured out how to identify and deal with identical or similar-looking flight reservations. This was a huge win, especially for the tens of thousands of smart travelers who’ve set up auto import for Gmail and Google Apps since it launched in beta  Continue Reading »

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