Employee Appreciation and Recognition Take Off

Employees are appreciated and recognized in a lot of fun ways here on the TripIt team. There’s the Elf of the Month Award, which acknowledges a team member whom employees feel has gone above and beyond the call of duty, and individual team accolades like the Marketing Monster or the Ad Sales team’s Charlie Hustle Award.



We love our monthly awards but being the “work hard, play hard” types, we wanted to recognize and appreciate our peers for a job well done anytime, whether it was for help working on a project, making you smile on a bad day, or anything in between.


Enter Bonus.ly, a platform that lets us give points to our peers we feel deserve some public recognition for being awesome. Everyone gets 15 points each month to award coworkers of their choice, and they can even add a comment and a hashtag to tell everyone what they’re recognizing that person for. After someone has received a certain number of points, they can redeem them for a reward such as choosing the next catered lunch or a day of free parking.



In fact, Bonus.ly has been such a hit with the team that we set up a monitor in our kitchen that rotates through all of the most recent bonuses given. The team loves giving out bonuses (probably more than receiving them) to their coworkers, and it’s really just a fun way for us to continue upholding our mission of creating a fun and positive company culture through employee appreciation.

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