5 Tips to Make Dreamforce (Or Any) Conference Travel Easy and Stress-free

Traveling to conferences is fun, but handling the logistics can be, well, a bit stressful. And, as a regular business conference attendee, you’re likely starting to prepare for this year’s Dreamforce conference coming in mid-October. This means you’re thinking of flights to San Francisco, hotel reservations, and numerous other events and activities outside of the conference.


Luckily, the Dreamforce app is ready to handle your conference schedule, and TripIt is here to handle the rest of your itinerary organization. Here are 5 ways to take advantage of these resources and make your Dreamforce, or any conference, travel easy.


1)   Forward your Dreamforce registration confirmation email to plans@tripit.com.  TripIt will take this and begin your master itinerary for your conference travels.

2)   Add your hotel and flight plans the same way by forwarding to plans@tripit.com.  Or, add them manually if you prefer to do so on tripit.com.

3)   Plan a restaurant reservation on Opentable.  Or, see what else is happening during Dreamforce on Eventbrite. And, yes, once again, forward confirmations to plans@tripit.com.

4)   If you manage travel for a team, you can do all of the above and more for your colleagues with TripIt for Teams. Get started here (http://bit.ly/1vNiAdd) to experience team travel, simplified.

5)   And after your master itinerary is complete, you can share it easily from TripIt, keeping those close to you up to date on your Dreamforce adventures.


On your next conference trip don’t bother carrying around printouts or searching for confirmation emails. TripIt will make sure everything is in one place, allowing you to focus on making the most out of your conference. Here’s to a successful and organized Dreamforce 2014!

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