How to Use Social Media to Plan Your Dream Trip

Take advantage of others’ vacations to plan your own dream trip. According to Health Care communication, “seventy-four percent of travelers use social media while on vacation.” Turn to the four major social media platforms–Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram–to peek at what others do on their vacation in order to create your very own personal itinerary.


Here are the four social media sites you should use to plan your getaway, which will help you save you money, find attractions, and get in touch with travel companies.


1. Become a fan of travel-related companies for special promotions. Whether you need a price cut on a hotel or a plane ticket, turn to Facebook. “Like” all travel-related companies–everything from destination websites, such as Expedia, to hotels, such as Embassy Suites. When they have a promotion, Facebook fans will be the first to know!


2. Explore cities or resorts’ pages for amenities and attractions. While you’re on Facebook, check out the cities and resorts you’re interested in traveling to. They’ll post photos, videos, and links to the most popular offerings, events, and happenings in the area. This content will help you brainstorm what you can do during your visit.



1. Get the quick help you need from airlines and hotels. Follow and tweet at airlines and hotels for a potential discount. As an added bonus while you’re traveling, turn to Twitter if your bags get lost, your flight is delayed, or any other potential vacation misfortunes arise. Most companies will respond in just seconds, so you’ll get the help you need quickly.


2. Read through potential cities’ Twitter feeds. Similar to Facebook, you can find potential cities on Twitter. Scroll through these accounts’ tweets to find out where locals are eating, shopping, going out, and more.



1. Use Pinterest’s new Place Pins. This new feature from Pinterest helps you plan a trip with multiple stops–whether it be a road trip, a cruise, or a trip around the world. Find things to do at every stop or get a recommendation of which cities to visit while you travel.


2. Look through hundreds of pins to create your own itinerary. Search any city on Pinterest and a nearly-endless page full of pins will come up. Slowly scroll through each one to learn about all the place has to offer with just a simple search. Find blogs describing the top tourist attractions, images of the best places to stay, and more on Pinterest. Pin all you’re interested in to create your own itinerary.



1. Search hashtag (#) city–then look at related hashtags. When you search “#NYC” on Instagram, all NYC-related pictures will come up (besides a few potential spammy ones). This will give you an idea of what all the tourists are up to around town. Also, when you see an image, see if other terms are tagged. This might let you know where exactly the image is taken, such as at a specific museum or a certain restaurant.


2. Look for the Convention and Visitors Bureau’s account. This is a great place to start and you can usually find this account on all the social media platforms. A city’s Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Instagram account will be up-to-date on the best places in town and what events are happening when you visit.



Don’t forget to use social media to plan your dream trip and even after your dream trip! Upload photos–with hashtags included–and help friends plan their own vacation.


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