Customer Quotes of the Week: May 7, 2014


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“The most amazing personal organizer for travel, accommodation and even my car hire.”

“This app was incredible. All my travel arrangements were easily accessible and kept up to date. Tripit even sent me alerts when there were changes to flight times. I felt secure and on top of the arrangements at all times. It was super easy to use, just emailed the itinerary and everything was done for me. It even provided me with maps of the airport. I cannot recommend this App highly enough and have all my business associates using it.” –Tracee Rushton, April 28, 2014


“Simplifies a complicated trip”

“My partner and I were moving halfway across the world, travelling through a bunch of countries for month on the way. TripIt made organising this complicated journey a whole lot easier! Having all the information we needed right at our fingertips gave us confidence and made what could have been a very stressful situation the fun, happy trip it was meant to be. We both recommend TripIt 100%!” –Anita, April 27, 2014


“TripIt Pro informed me of a cancelled flight before the airline did”

“I was flying home from Charlotte once and TripIt pings me at dinner on Saturday night. Your flight for Sunday morning has been cancelled, it told me. Within a half hour I was online trying to confirm and then talking to the airline agent… The airline NEVER actually reached me even up until my flight, but thanks to TripIt I was able to rebook. Thanks you guys!” –Aaron Fung, April 26, 2014


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