Customer Quotes of the Week: May 29, 2014


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TripIt is extremely convenient and helpful

“Tabulated and sharing my itinerary with family members and travelling group members is no longer a troublesome or time consuming exercise. Good way to let my family and friends knowing where I would be and doing what.” –Kenyuen, May 2014


Ease of use

“Tripit is an excellent product, I use it for our family holidays, everyone is added as a traveller and can see what I have got booked and they can add in their own activities, everything is in the one place. As well as our itinerary I add in directions maps and notes. For a business user this is a must.” –Disneydafty, May 2014


Essential for travelers who need everything in one place

“It’s so helpful to have all your details in one place. Never fear missed flights or no accommodation it’s all there. Love the fact you just email in your reservations and Tripit does all the work.” -Kiwi, May 2014

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