Customer Quotes of the Week: May 14, 2014


From “phenomenal” to “indispensable”, we’re happy to know that you love TripIt! Share your own review here.

“The update text saved me 6 hours of delays.”

“I was booked on a connecting flight from National through Chicago to Las Vegas when I received a text from TripIt to advise me that the National – Chicago flight was cancelled. I went to the Customer Service desk of the airline who were not aware the flight had been cancelled so I advised them, which allowed me transfer to two seats to a flight via Dallas (last two seats).–Colum


Recently I was traveling and while on my first leg, the airline had changed gates 3 times of my second leg flight. It was so nice to land and know immediately the right gate with confidence because of TripIt’s alerts. –Robin


“How could I describe with one experience? I can’t! Every trip I go on has saved me, from gate changes to flight delays. I have on several occasions been notified of a delay and I have caught earlier flights TripIt has shown me to have available seats and have beat the rush of travelers after I had confirmed another seat. Before they announced it at the airport!!” –Todd


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