Tips for Traveling to Festivals and Special Events

Whether it’s a ball game, musical event, or something else altogether, festivals and special events are a major reason for many of us to travel. Since the next few months are when many festivals are held around the world, we thought we’d ask our plugged in Twitter followers about their favorite festivals and special events during our monthly Twitter chat.


What is a Twitter chat? For those not familiar, TripIt holds a monthly chat on Twitter on the third Thursday of each month from 2 to 3 p.m. Pacific Time on the hashtag #TripItChat. Every month there’s a new travel topic where we encourage participants to share advice with one another. To learn more, please see:


Here are some of the key takeaways from our last #TripItChat on amazing festivals and special events around the world.


Examples Please
We kicked off the chat with a pretty general question, just to get a better idea of some interesting festivals that our followers like or would like to attend.


  • @nygal33 had the South in mind when she named Mardi Gras and the Kentucky Derby as two fun, annual events.
  • Events can be personal though, and @raworu said she takes any excuse to travel including weddings, reunions, graduations, and even birthdays!
  • Sports may be the most popular reason to travel for a special event though as @GreatBigGlobe pointed out with NCAA March Madness, the Superbowl and the World Series.
  • My favorite kind of festival though is food related and there are plenty of them around the world! @WSouldier named Baconfest, @SandiMcKenna suggested the grape harvest in Napa, and even the Gilroy Garlic Festival got special mention.



When Work is Special
Depending on our jobs, sometimes we even get to attend some of these special events as part of our work. We’re envious of the amazing jobs many of our followers have based on these terrific answers to where they’ve been thanks to business travel.


  • @SeanRoebuck said he was lucky enough to attend football and baseball games for his job – I wonder what he does?!
  •  For a different point of view, Tweeter @terrysimpson said he’d like to go to a special event WITHOUT work being involved. I’m sure many of us share that feeling.
  • Of course if you’re a travel blogger like our co-hosts @yTravelBlog, then special events are an important part of your job. One of their favorites was attending the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand with Qantas Airlines.
  • Music festivals are popular around the world, from Coachella to Glasto, and one of our followers, @WSouldier, has been lucky enough to attend several music festivals all in the name of work.


What’s the Catch?
Special events are, well, special, but they aren’t always puppies, rainbows, and unicorns. We asked the chat followers what the potential downsides to traveling to special events and festivals are and they responded in force!


  • Festivals are fun, but @laurenrambles correctly pointed out that they can be exhausting! Always being on the go and without the comfort of one’s own bed can take a toll after only a couple of days.
  • Traveling to a special event or festival can be the reason for much of our grumbling according to @JR_justJR, who listed his pet peeves as bad weather, hard to find a hotel room, traffic and scarce airline seats.
  • #TripItChat co-host @RickGriffin had a more positive attitude towards this question when he said his #1 pet peeve was having to go home once the festival or event is all over. Great attitude Rick!
  • One of our favorite answers though was by @GreatBigGlobe who summed up everything with one Tweet: “Crowds, lines, crappy cell phone service, and inflated prices


Going the Distance
Planning to attend a festival or special event is a big deal and for many it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so were curious: just how far have you traveled to attend one of these amazing events?


  • To attend one of the coolest sounding festivals anywhere, chatter @EverythingTampa went from Florida to Newfoundland for the Iceberg Festival
  • Sports continue to be a powerful motivation for travel TripIt friend @LeeAbbamonte said he recently went halfway around the world to attend the Australian open!
  • Festivals in Europe attract a lot of attention from Christmas Markets to music festivals, but @TaraLowryPhoto said she went to Edinburgh for the famous New Year’s celebration Hogmanay.
  • One of the furthest distances traveled was for one of the most unique festivals in the world. @Only1Wilfy traveled to Thailand for the remarkable Songkrahn celebration.


Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Throughout the entire chat we noticed how important attending sporting events was to everyone, so we decided to ask them to pick the #1 sporting event they’d most like to see in person.


  • No surprise, the upcoming World Cup in Brazil got a lot of votes, including by @ymkefranssen, who wants to root on the Dutch team! TripIt fans are certainly an international group.
  • Sometimes it’s not always about the sport but the experience. @Blondiemcl6 says she loves attending baseball games for the yummy food and energetic fans.
  • Just one event wasn’t enough for some folks, and @WeekendInParis said she wants to go to the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup & NBA Championships all in the same year!
  • There were plenty of other great choices too including the America’s Cup, the Kentucky Derby, The Masters, The Ryder Cup, AFL Grand Final, the Iditarod and oddly enough, the Cane Toad Racing Festival in Australia.


Choose Wisely
After all of this amazing travel inspiration we wanted to know, if you could pick JUST ONE event or festival to attend anywhere in the world, which one would it be. The answers were enthused, funny, and some were even downright odd.


  • Keeping it simple, chatter @mommy3sons says she wants to go to anything that has to do with music. Our pick would be Coachella for sure.
  • For @laurenrambles though, it’s all about the cultural events, and her top pick is to visit China during the annual New Year celebrations
  • @MADTravelDiarie wants her event travel to be destination focused and would be happy to attend ANY festival or event in Africa just for the chance to explore more of the continent.
  • One of our favorite answers came from travel pros @yTravelBlog who said “The Festival of ‘Life.’ Living it everyday.”
  • Other fantastic picks included the Rio Carnival in Brazil, the Thai Yi Peng Festival, Bolas de Fuego in Nejapa, El Salvador, Elephant Festival in Jaipur and the Easter festivities at St. Peters, Vatican.


Remember to use TripIt Pro to keep track of all your travel details when planning your own event inspired travel, and tell us any tips for traveling to festivals or special events that we may have missed.


And don’t forget to join us for the next #TripItChat on April 17, 2014, at 2:00 p.m. Pacific/5:00 p.m. Eastern when we will be talking about Hotels Around the World!


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